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A lighting revolution in the home

Home lighting is no longer only about practical illumination – increasingly it’s about the power of lighting to enable people to personalize their interiors.

At the end of a hard day, home is the place most of us want to go to unwind. That’s where we can be ourselves – and relax, energize or socialize. It’s where we’re surrounded by the objects we treasure, the things that reflect our identity and personality.

Transforming a house into a home is all about creating the right atmosphere. The color of the walls, the way in which a room is furnished and the amount of natural light that flows in through the windows, are all factors that contribute to the atmosphere of individual spaces.

In the home, light has traditionally been seen as something to switch on or off as needed for sight. But light is so much more than this. Today, light is no longer static. It is no longer about dimming or switching on and off a single tone of light. We have entered a new era, in which lighting can do more – much more – than simply illuminate.

Our lighting industry is in the midst of a revolution, driven by the demand for energy efficiency, the shift from components toward connected lighting systems, and the transition from analog to digital lighting. Digital or LED lighting offers unprecedented freedom in terms of color, dynamics, miniaturization, architectural integration and energy efficiency, opening up exciting new ways for consumers to use and experience light.

Lighting - expressing who we are and how we feel

LEDs provide a palette of millions of colors or a thousand shades of white light and dynamic effects that conventional lighting cannot match in terms of scene-setting and ambiance. Our LED-based home lighting solutions enable consumers to move from homogeneous white light to variable color temperature, and from static light effects to dynamic ‘light scenes’. Thanks to the emergence of LED-based solutions, such as our LivingAmbiance wireless system, they can enhance and personalize their home spaces by changing the color, brightness and dynamics of the light – creating the ideal ambiance to match the occasion or mood.

And there is even more on the horizon. Increasingly, design is an important factor in a consumer’s choice of lighting. With LEDs being so small, new designs can be created that were never possible before, as designers are no longer constricted by the form factor of legacy light sources. And this design freedom will open up new possibilities – with newly shaped luminaires enabling consumers to further define their individual style and identity.

Reflecting the growing importance of design as a differentiating factor in the consumer luminaires segment, we acquired Milan-based Luceplan, an iconic design brand in the premium design segment, in 2010. Luceplan’s portfolio includes table, suspension, wall and ceiling luminaires for residential applications, with a number also used in professional applications.

New ‘light experiences’

Our innovative LED-based home lighting solutions are designed to beautify and inspire, while empowering people to define their personal environments through design and style. The result? A completely new experience of light. Life at home will never be the same again.

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